JavaScript Conference

7 - 8 July 2017 - Wrocław

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Presentations, technical panel, lightning talks and ... BBQ!

GrillJS is Poland's first outdoor conference devoted fully to JavaScript. Over the course of the two-day event we are going to discuss topics which are the most crucial for JavaScript community, such as: best practices; development process and the future of JavaScript. Interested? Visit Wrocław for the weekend! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get to know the community! Exchange expert knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts in a relaxing, enjoyable setting. Register today to become a part of this unique event!



July 07, 2017
Registration & BARBECUE
Come early, get your badge and secure the best spot! Moreover gather around the fire and enjoy the feast!
Michał Chudziak
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Is Fiber ready yet? The future of React.
In this presentation, me and my colleague Wojtek Szafraniec will try to get you familiar with basic concepts of React Fiber and how it will increase its suitability for areas like animation, layout, and gestures. Also, we will talk a bit about direction React framework is going.
Piotr Giedziun
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Continues integration workflow for react native in scale
Talk will cover step-by-step guide on essential parts of continuous integration cycle, alternatives for manual QA and continuous delivery for mobile development. You will learn how to speed up your development and release cycle with open source solutions.
Jakub Niechciał
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Progressive Web Apps - the way to achieve native experience
There is a lot of hype around progressive web apps, but a lot of people don't know what it actually is. There is quite extensive technical documentation about PWAs provided by Google and excellent automated tool that goes through PWA checklist for a specific website. However, it takes time to read through and still doesn’t provide a good example of how we can apply these things to existing applications and why does it matter.
Pub: Mleczarnia, Włodkowica 5
July 08, 2017
Tomasz Łakomy
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Load it faster! - improving React apps loading time and performance
React is fast and that is awesome, but as web developers we should continuously strive towards better and better performance. We deserve a smart, fast web since only a small minority of users has brand new smartphones and a 4G connection. In this talk we're going to talk about why performance & load time matters and how we can improve those two factors in React-based web applications.
Tomasz Przedmojski
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Six easy steps to ruin your JS-Project
A humorous and light-hearted take on certain anti-patterns and bad practices in JS projects.
Gather around the fire and enjoy the feast!
Katarzyna Jastrzębska
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Handle Side Effects in Redux like a Boss
Have you ever struggled with making dependencies between reducers? Have you ever stepped into problem with mulitple async operations done at the same time doing huge mess in your state? Let me be your guide into redux sagas with tips, how and when you can use them in your application to solve all side effects problems at once
Grzegorz Moskal
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TypeScript, React and Redux - Why use static types in JavaScript?
I will talk about basic difference between js and ts and why bother about types at all, then I will show how Typescript perfectly integrates with React and how and why to use strongly typed Redux actions.
Marcin Wierzbicki
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Open Space
Lightning talks



Why participate?

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Learn the architecture

Get familiar with microservices, monolithic applications and multi-database applications.

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Perfect best practices

The quality of software is a measure of implementation and perfection of development best practices. Improve on your workshop!

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Gaze into the future

Innovations are born when we look into the future and set goals. Look into JavaScript's future and start acting!

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Get inspired

Participate in workshops and talks. Get familiar with different perspectives, discuss, ask questions, solve problems and learn!

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Technical panel

Moderated discussion panels where our guests will discuss the most vital topics and answer your questions.

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Kick back and enjoy talks about latest trends, best practices and tested solutions.

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Lightning talks

Would you liketo share your latest work or show off your achievements? This is your time to shine! Cointact us !

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Enjoy BBQ with friends and colleagues who love JavaScript as much as you do.